Apple Watch Face Design Contest – Your design on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Face Design Contest

Apple Watch Face Design Contest

Apple Watch Face Design Contest

Submit your personal designs for the Apple Photo Watch Face. We are very curious to see your creations. Our team will select the winner design which will be featured in our Faces App:

Contest rules are simple:

1) Designs need to be submitted to this groupd
2) Provide your entries as PNGs with 624 x 780 px
3) Submit unique design created by you (your copyright)
4) The contest will run between Feb 19 and Mar 5 2016

Choosing the Apple watch face winner

The winning design will be chosen by the Faces team based on a combination of received Likes as well as the best suitability for the Faces app.

We are really looking forward to your designs.

Faces App details

Faces let’s you create custom watch faces for Apple Watch. Make your Apple Watch Face truly personal:

  • Select from a variety of gorgeous pre-selected templates
  • Choose your own images as a watch face
  • Apply time options to increase readability of the digital time