Aviator watch face for Android Wear – Turn your smartwatch into a great pilot watch

watch face pilot aviator android wear

Aviator watch face for Android Wear is fairing really well.

You can find the watch face here:

In the pioneering days of aviation, most pilots had to navigate with the help of watches. These aeronautic watches needed to be legible, tough, accurate and reliable, and at the same time spectacular when rolling up the sleeves of a flight jacket.

This analog watch face unites the character of an aeronautic watch with modern smartwatch functionality.

Wear custom features

The iconic customized watchface features:

★ Pilot watchface with superb readability
★ Battery indicator
★ Date and day of week
★ Weather conditions
★ Advanced and luxury design

-Weather information is provided by http://openweathermap.org

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Designed by Florian Cordier.
Engineered in Germany.