Computerworld: Skymaster and Word Timer exceptional watch faces for Android Wear

We are really proud that Computerworld has featured two of our watch faces in their article “9 exceptional Android Wear watch faces” Computerworld, May 2015.



Thanks for the featuring. Here is what JR Raphael has to say about Skymaster:

“Skymaster’s classy design manages to combine the style of a traditional watch with the function of a smartwatch — all without getting overly busy or cluttered, as many watch faces tend to do.

The face gives you up to four dials that can display the date, the weather, your watch’s battery status, and the time in any alternate time zone. And aside from those dials, you can customize the face’s color along with the logo text (where it says “JR 360″ on mine). You can also play with the hand style and control how dim the display’s ambient mode will go.”

World Timer


Computerworld: “Talk about a clever way to keep track of multiple time zones: The aptly named World Timer watch face puts 24 time zones around your watch’s perimeter — one for each hour, letting you quickly see the time in different locations relative to your own.

You can pick your own reference city, which always sits at the 12:00 position, and you can customize the cities around the ring to your suit your fancy. Oh, and that icon of Earth in the middle? It changes throughout the day to show how the planet actually looks from the sun at any given moment.”