Interactive Watch Faces for Android Wear

interactive watch faces

Interactive watch faces

Android Wear watch faces are going interactive. Users can now define special functions for watch faces when tapping on them. In this way you can do a lot of things with a single tap.

Please go to settings to define the function:

  • Open your favorite app
  • Change colors
  • Change different dials
  • etc.

Watch face collection

Check out the collection of interactive watch faces here:

We are super excited that we are able to be part of this. Our interactive watch faces can be found here:

  • Skymaster: Users can switch between different dials by tapping on them. The functionality of the interactive features can be changed in the settings
  • Odyssey: User can switch between different colors by simply tapping on this
  • Ranger: Switch between night and day mode
  • Combo: See all info on one view
  • World Timer: Rotating earth or change of reference city