Scuba Diver Watch Face available on Play Store



This watch face is designed for ultimate readability in low light situations. Scuba diver watch face turns your Android Wear smartwatch into a sporty dive watch. It works perfectly on the LG G Watch R and other Android Wear devices.

Custom features

This dive watch face features:

★ Superior readability
★ Bold and exclusive sportwatch design
★ No frills, just focus on time
★ Powerful diver watch appearance

Notes to divers

- Before diving with Scuba, please make sure your Android device is waterproof
– Don’t go too deep yet and respect the waterproof indication of the smartwatch manufacturer

Supported devices

- This watchface works on all Android Wear devices
– Supports round (LG G Watch R and Moto 360) and rectangular smartwatches (Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch).
– Does NOT work on Samsung Gear and smartwatches using other operating systems

Screen Shots

  • 1 watch-face-dive-lg-g-watch-r
  • 2 Android-wear-watchface-on-samsung
  • 3 watch-face-diver-moto-360
  • 4 Diver-watch-face-round-android-wear
  • 5 Diver-watch-face-rectangular

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