Scuba diver watch face will get a pro version

scuba diver-watch-face

Pro version for Scuba watch face

We are proud to announce that Scuba Diver watch face will get a Pro Version on the Google Play Store very soon. Existing users can update the Android Wear watch face in order to get the new features and functions. Also the watch face is interactive now, meaning that customers can choose an action when tapping on the watch face screen.

Functions for Scuba diver watch face pro

Information points

  • Step Counter
  • Weather
  • Battery phone
  • Battery smartwatch
  • Date Day
  • Date Months

Color choices

  • Choose between a variety of colors
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Blue

Additional features

  • Changing your name
  • Interactivity functions watch face (open your favorite app)
  • Chose between 24h and AM/PM mode
  • Discrete or sweeping seconds
  • Minimal ambient mode disabled

Please let us know any feedback you might have.