• Designer: Is the person which provides the watch face design to for the purpose of developing and marketing the watch face on App Stores
  • Is a platform which, develops and markets watch faces for smartwatches. is a brand of and will be represented by Zuhanden GmbH in Germany

Rights and obligations of the designer

  • As long at the watch face is published on the App Stores (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store), the Designer is eligible for 30% of the Net Proceeds from the sale of her/his watch design
  • Net Proceeds is defined as the proceeds receives from App Store providers for the respective watch design
  • The Designer has to ensure that the watch face design does not infringe any copyrights or other legal obligations

Rights and obligations of

  • will provide the Designer quarterly reports regarding the downloads and revenues from her/his designs
  • On a quarterly basis, 30% of the Net Proceeds from the sale of the Designer’s watch face design received from the App Stores are transferred to the Designer. Payments will be settled via a Paypal account
  • receives the ownership of the design and the image assets which are sent to and has the right to manipulate these assets for marketing purposes
  • can remove the watch face design from the App Stores at any time


  • will provide a marketing strategy for the watch face design, which includes among other things pricing of the watch face design (free, paid or in app purchases), potential watch face design bundling, etc.
  • As market conditions can change rapidly can change the marketing strategy on its own behalf
  • Court of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany
  • This agreement is only valid if signed by the Parties


Skype: hans.o.koenig


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