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Materials Check List

  • Design for circular as well as rectangular watch faces
  • PSD (1536 x 1536 px) for screenshots and possible downscaling to future screen dimensions
  • PSD (320 x 320 px) for currently available devices
  • Assets for the app (320 x 320 px version)  should be generated as PNG
  • Icon in 1024 x 1024 px (often it is great to use the watch as icon)
  • At least two screenshots in 1536 x 1536 px
  • One feature banner (1024 x 500 px) for the Google Play Store
  • Optional: Design for dimmed mode (could be the same as active, but is better when optimized)
  • Optional: Banner 180 x 120 px

 Further process

  • If you are selected we will send you an agreement regarding graphical assets and financials
  • We develop, launch and market your watch face
  • Every quarter we will provide a report regarding downloads and revenues and will pay you 30% of the net proceeds
  • Also if you have questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and to make great watch faces for the beginning era of smartwatches


Skype: hans.o.koenig


Materials Check List
Design Tips