Watch faces making your smartwatch unique and exclusive.

Our passion for watch face design and development: We are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality watch faces for your Android Wear smartwatch. You can choose between a variety of designs and extended smartwatch functionality. Turn your smartwatch in a sporty time machine or a timeless masterpiece. The watch faces below are a part of our collection.

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Android Wear watch faces Odyssey


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Our Passion


Designing watch faces that make you fall in love with your smartwatch even more.

By working together with the best digital watch face designers in the world, we constantly aim to push the limits of what is possible in this new era of smartwatches. Besides having great and reliable functionality we place a strong focus on unique designs.

The watch faces are exclusively available for Android Wear smartwatches. Visit our exclusive collection on the Play Store.


Ladies’ Collection of watch faces










Refined watch face functionality

Most of our watch faces are a stylish interpretation of a classic watchface combined with modern functionality of the smartwatches for Android Wear.

All watch faces feature great customization opportunities, such as color customization for example.

They will turn your smartwatch into an iconic timepiece, which is true eye-candy.

  • Battery level indicator
  • Date numerical
  • Day of the week
  • Weather
  • Speedometer
  • Step tracker
  • Compass
  • Battery level indicator
  • Date numerical


Watch faces on the Play Store

You can find our complete Android Wear watch face selection on the Play Store. We are constantly adding new additions, so please check for new watch faces from time time. Enjoy.